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Large format printing / Printing On Rigid Materials / Vinyl Printing

If you want to get visible, go big, use large format printing.
Front Signs suggests Large Format Printing services to bring your boldest ideas into reality.

The availability of Printing has widen the outdoor advertising opportunities. Nowadays every single idea is possible to implement thus creating signs that can be stuck in the customers’ heads. Sometimes this wide possibilities make the decision making even harder, but if you know exactly what you want, you will come to the right idea soon.
Banners were and keep being the most popular event sign. During trade shows, events, corporate meetings or gatherings where there is a need to stand out from other, to be noticed, to deliver a message, banners are the perfect solution. Banner printing is done on 3 materials: Fabric, Vinyl and Mesh. Fabric banners are mostly used indoors because of their soft material. Vinyl banners are kind of stands that are perfect for any type of advertising. These are the most popular banners due to their ability to withstand any weather condition, color clearance and wrinkle resistance. Mesh banners are the best option for outdoor usage. They are usually big in sizes and depict large images to be seen from large distances. These materials can be attached to different panels and have different support structures. According to it Front Signs can suggest you X-banners, Telescopic, Pop up and Retractable or Roll-up banners. All this types are customized ready to make your brand noticeable and competitive, and make you stand apart at trade shows, conferences, events and meetings.

Custom decals are stickers sticking to smooth areas. We offer you perforated, frosted and clear decals to best suit your needs. Decals can be applied on walls, windows, doors, even floor for decorative, informative and promotional purposes. Wall decals are perfect for home wall decor, office design. Window decals are super suitable for sale announcements, business hours information, glass window decors, store advertising, name and logo application. Door decals are designed for office decoration, store promotion and more. Floor decals or graphics are nowadays getting more and more popular and are widely used for sale announcements and directional purposes. All these decals are easily removed and quite eye-catching that’s why they are so widespread. Car decals are another great tool for both personal and business uses. These are usually small car stickers with some information on them like company contact, logo, name or motto. Vehicle wrapping is the best cost effective marketing tool for the companies that use different means of vehicle. It is also called vehicle branding and actually it bears the brand information on it and spreads it all over the city.

We offer you two kinds of static cling to promote your business: clear and opaque. Free of adhesive, static clings can easily be removed and are reusable. Backlit decals are translucent vinyl that permeate the light passing through them thus making the advertisement more visible. This material is widely used in illuminated signs and on windows.

Vinyl lettering depicts the company name, quotes and whatever is connected with letters.

Custom Flags are an irreplaceable advertising tool. They wave your company name wherever they are put thus making the company popular and announcements visible. Custom Business flags can be met on the side of business buildings and offices, in front of shops and restaurants, event and trade show areas. Open, sales, welcome and logo flags are the most common types. Flags can have the shape of a teardrop or feather. Teardrop flag banners, as the name implies, are like a teardrop and are a great advertising tool. Feather flag banners are informative tool in trade shows or corporate events, meetings.

In sign making industry rigid materials have the highest demand because they are harder thus more durable and can go against harsh weather conditions. Such materials are Acrylic, Aluminum, PVC, Wood, Coroplast, Gator board. Printing on such rigid materials is called direct printing. These hard materials can survive for ages in both outdoor and indoor conditions. Aluminum printing is widely used especially for exterior usages because this extra durable material is ready to stay outside not changing the fresh look it had once.  Prints on metal or aluminum are commonly used for company name, logo, motto, business hours, contact information background, road sign and many more. Acrylic printing is an elegant way of having the signs printed. This classic looking material which is famous as Plexiglass or Perspex as well is transparent and lightweight yet durable which enables to use it for exterior signage. Acrylic makes perfect 3D signs and Channel letters. Due to its transparency acrylic is the main material for illuminated signs.

Not as durable as aluminum Gatorboard is a common material for displays. It is a plastic board covered with wood-fiber veneers. Printing on gatorboard makes great looking displays and signs for outdoor and indoor usages. PVC is durable plastic that is mostly advised to use indoors but in case of short outdoor nothing terrible will happen. PVC printing has mass and versatile usage options. Yard, directional, storefront signs and more are made of PVC. Wood printing, printing on the so called vintage material, is the base of wonderful signs as well. Wood is durable and natural looking material that makes it perfect for wooden plaques, welcome signs, address, name or family signs. Falcon board is a lightweight material with a honeycomb paper core and a flat paper surface. Using falconboard printing you can get different decorations and signs using indoors for long periods of time. Foamboard is another lightweight material the core of which is plastic. Foam board printing is an ideal option to create foam signs and letters, architectural models, school projects and many more. Poster printing seems to be the oldest advertising tool. Old concert posters many of us can find at their homes. Magnets, with the ability to stick to metal materials, can make wonderful business cards, business calendars, car advertising tool and what not with no chance of getting lost. Canvases make wonderful home decor printed with high quality inks and depicting custom images.

Printing in Front Signs is done with UV curing inks. These inks have the highest quality and provide vibrant color for each material. UV inks dry during the printing process thus accelerating the sign making process. The few benefits of UV inks are drying speed, viscosity, hardness, scratch and abrasion resistance.

Large format printing is the core of the outdoor and indoor advertising and if you want to get more visible and noticed you will have to follow the trends and order your custom banners, decals or printed signs now. While you are thinking, your competitors are acting. Don’t hesitate, MOVE FORWARD.

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