Business Signs as a Tool for Brand Recognition

Lily Travis
Lily Travis
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There are many aspects that go into making a business successful. One of these is brand recognition. To achieve it, a company must rely on as many different resources as possible. One of the most advantageous tools they can is business signage. This goes far beyond placing a sign on top of a building. Let’s dive in.

Understanding Brand Recognition

For business signs to create brand recognition, it’s useful to have an understanding of what brand recognition is. It comes down to having a target audience that can identify your business by its characteristics. When someone can remember your brand with features aside from its name, then you’re on the right track with your brand recognition. Your commercial signs should pop into people’s minds right away. They’re of prime benefit for boosting your recognition.

Professional signs create a visual that can deliver all types of messages. Different attributes of the signage will create different effects but one thing should stay the same: visual impact.

What Does Business Signage Possess?

Quality signs are made up of components that have a powerful combined impact on all those who see it.


The colors of your business sign should be tied in with your brand colors. This way, you build consistency and lend it towards your brand recognition. Colors also play a role in the personality of your brand. Some colors work better with a masculine brand compared to a feminine one. Other colors reflect a certain type of service or product. For example, the color green is often associated with eco-friendly and outdoor types of products and services.

Font and Size

Readability of your business sign is critical to the success that it can bring you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for building signs, 3d signs, light up signs or lobby signs for an office. Readability is a priority for any professional signs whether they be exterior or interior signs.

There are many different types of print options available such as large format printing or channel letters. The type of print, size and font that you choose should vary according to the type of sign and its purpose. All of these choices are going to contribute to building your brand recognition.


The styles of commercial signage is another element you’ll need to consider. You want to make sure that the signs have distinction and variety while retaining the same underlying characteristics. You also have the opportunity to make your signage unique. You can do this by commissioning custom signs for commercial businesses according to specific criteria. Custom signage can be created for both interior as well as exterior signs. This includes the use of 3D letters, pylon signs, monument signs, high rise signs, light box signs, halo-lit signs, banners, and stands.

By using a variety of different styles and having them customized, it allows you to deliver a range of impressions. All of these collectively strengthen your brand as long as they retain a core identity.

When your brand recognition is enhanced, your business levels up.

GVNG 3D letter sign


The materials used in your signage also play an essential role in brand recognition. The materials you choose speak of good taste and insistence on quality. Any attentive mark you can create for your clients lends well to the success of your business. The materials that are on your signage can support this mission. Once again, you are going to find that you have to make key decisions regarding this.

For example, one of the more popular signage trends now utilizes rigid materials. With corresponding new technology (e.g. laser cutting, CNC engraving and more), you have many choices like getting acrylic signs, aluminum signs, PVC signs, wooden signs, vinyl decals, coroplast and foam core signs. Each of these has its own attributes and your choice will partly depend on the specifications and type of signage you require.

When it comes to building brand recognition as it relates to the materials, quality is irreplaceable. Quality of medium and craftsmanship means endurance and a better return for your investment. It’s important for the signage to create a lasting visual representation of your brand.

Good quality materials that allow for durability exhibit good judgment and imply your good taste in other business dealing. Your brand will build a reputation and sense of trust in those that want to do business with you.


Once you have decided to invest in good quality signage to build your brand recognition, consistency is going to be important. All too often, business owners will take their outdoor signs very seriously but downplay the interior or event signs. Anywhere a potential customer steps foot should create a memorable impression of your business. If your exterior signage is exceptional but the interior one is lacking in quality, the contrast sends a message of inconsistency. A coherent brand identity and attention to detail, especially with trade show displays during business events, will surely earn your customers' respect.


Your brand signage should also be geared towards convenience. It should be convenient to see and read. This needs to be taken a step further for those who may be handicapped. Caring businesses should invest in ADA signage. This tells those who are handicapped that you care about them as customers. It also creates a positive company image for clients who aren’t impaired but appreciate the gesture for others.

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