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Salon signs are a versatile product so making the right selection requires strategic planning. Front Signs is a sign making company with over a decade of experience in the industry. We apply high-end technologies, premium materials and all-inclusive services across the US. To help you pick out the best salon signs for your venue, let’s go over the most popular types in the market.

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Popular Types Of Salon Signs

Every salon has a unique way of presenting the services they offer. To maximize your audience reach, you need appealing salon signs. Here are the most popular types of spa signs to help you stand out and impress your clientele. 

Large salon led signs displayed on the building facade 2

Beauty Salon LED Signage

Salon LED signs are a dazzling feature at barber shops, spa centers and beauty salons. Use elegant channel letters to illuminate your business and boost your reputation. If you’re looking for the most fabulous salon LED signs, look no further. Light up signs are ideal for brightening up your salon and showcasing your services to a wide audience.

Pink beauty salon logo sign in a custom shape

Salon and Spa Logo Displays

A salon logo is one of the most widely used business signs for establishing a professional company image. Use it as the focal point for making a cohesive visual statement. Think of all the places your logo can go and complement your salon sign ideas with light box signs. They’re a fantastic platform for showing off your logo and company name.  

Infinity Beauty salon name sign displayed on a pink wall

Beauty Salon Name Signs

These custom signs put your name in the limelight and increase your popularity. With a striking design, a salon name sign will draw clients to your business to increase your bottom line. Among a great variety of design solutions, 3D signs are always a great choice. Salon business signs offer a lot of freedom for custom shapes and designs so you can get creative.

Beauty salon artwork in blue displaying a women

Salon Artworks

Use creative pieces to accentuate your beauty salon signage design. Custom decals are perfect for vivid graphics, long messages and temporary promotions. Apply them to almost any smooth and clean surface to represent your salon with style. These salon signs are perfect for dressing up bare walls or windows in lobbies, treatment rooms, bathrooms and beyond. 

Promotional salon window signs in black with branded graphics

Salon Window Signs

Window decals come in clear, frosted, perforated or opaque to satisfy your unique goals and visions. Use them to achieve a professional beauty salon signage design. Salon business signs are ideal for decorating, advertising and promoting. They’ll attract customers and enhance their experience. You can also get double-sided solutions for better exposure. 

Custom nail salon sign in black and pink displaying the brand name and logo

Custom Salon Signs

Get beauty salon signs that match the taste and values of your company. Our sign making process will result in the best salon sign board for your business. From salon LED signs to beauty salon shop signs, everything we make is made of premium and durable materials. Use them indoors or outdoors to promote your seasonal sales, decorate, inform and inspire.

Custom salon sign structures for product displays

Beauty Product Display Accents

Salon sign design ideas can serve multiple purposes at once. For instance, you can share beauty quotes with adhesive vinyl to accent display cases. They’ll spark up conversation with your clients and give them a reason to look forward to their next visit. The adhesives are easy to apply and leave no residue after being removed so you can switch them up as often as you wish. 

FemiLuxe salon sign board in black with pink and white letters

Salon Sign Boards

Sign boards are a popular tool for salons both big and small. When installed in places with high exposure, these beauty salon signs point out your location and command attention. Architectural signs are another great alternative that can match the look and materials of your property. Either option will optimize your promotional efforts and give your business a sense of luxury.

Common Applications Of Salon Signs

Salon signs have a number of applications. They can be used to identify a location, direct visitors or create beautiful decorations. There are tons of reasons to install spa signs in beauty salons. Let’s check out the general applications below. 

vincent hair salon rooftop sign

Barber Shop and Hair Salon Signs

Beautiful hair salon signs are an easy way to show your salon’s creativity and attract customers. Front Signs provides tailored designs for all types of beauty establishments. We offer hundreds of hair salon sign ideas, customizable to your business needs. From hair salon advertising signs to cool decorative elements, we have you covered. 

Shiny nail salon sign displaying the brand name and logo

Nail Salon Signs

Nail salon signs are known for their glamorous imagery. Whether you offer pedicures, manicures or beyond, our nail spa signs will promote your business with visuals that polish your overall design. If you love being trendy, go for shimmer wall decors to make your brand outshine the competition. You can also get temporary or seasonal nail salon window signs like adhesive graphic prints.

Solarium tanning salon window graphics in a large size

Tanning Salon Signs

Tanning salon signs are an excellent way to market your services. Apply tanning salon window graphics to show off the gorgeous results of your services. Don’t forget about cool interior tanning salon signs. Showcase your logo and use minimalistic symbols to guide your guests to procedure rooms. Our specialists are there to help you choose the right design and placement.

Retro style massage spa sign in black and yellow

Massage Spa Signs

Is your salon located in a heavy foot traffic area? Outdoor displays are perfect for presenting your company to passersby. Use free-standing beauty salon sign boards to promote sales and maintain engagement. Marquee signs are a favorite for highlighting massage services with a vintage appeal. To further set the mood for clients, adorn your walls with peaceful quotes using vinyl adhesive letters. 

Medspa sign in black displayed outdoors

Medical Spa Signage

With us, you can create salon signs in any style and shape within your medical spa. High rise signs are a powerful type to achieve great visibility on highways. These giant solutions will be noticeable even for cars driving at the max speed limit. Yet another creative idea for promoting your spa services are premium photo prints of prior work results paired with serene colors. 

Types of Spa and Salon Signs Based on Location

Let’s go over a few types of salon signs based on their place of installation. With so many options to choose from, this will make it easier to visualize which ones will best suit your business. The most popular types of outdoor and indoor sign styles are listed below. 

Outdoor Salon Signs

Outdoor signs are a popular choice for beauty salons and spas. From billboards to storefront salon LED signs, they’re all designed to enhance your outdoor marketing and invite customers in. 

Black outdoor salon sign displaying the brand name

For the Facade Area

Want to create maximum visibility? Don’t skip out on large store signs. We offer outdoor salon signs made of durable materials that withstand harsh weather conditions. The medium for these building signs will vary depending on the type of salon storefront signs you need. Whether it’s aluminum, PVC or acrylic, these logo signs will serve you for many years to come. You can even combine materials for outdoor beauty salon signs to give depth to your storefront branding.

Beauty factory salon sign in a large size with a directional arrow

For the Entrance Area

Eye-catching monument signs are a powerful tool for creating a memorable brand. They also double as wayfinding signs.  Another option for the entrance area are sandwich boards which come in multiple styles. They’re perfect for sharing your message with customers as they walk by your premise. Choose pylon signs for even greater exposure. Whether you opt for illuminated or non-illuminated outdoor salon signs, make sure to embellish them with elegant designs.

Indoor Salon Signs

There is no better way to enhance customer experience than with striking indoor design. You can use interior signs in various material, shape and size combinations to create a unique aesthetic. For added interest, we even offer engraved salon signs.

Secrets salon and spa sign for the lobby area 2

For the Lobby and Reception Area

A good customer experience starts at reception. Bring your entrance hall to life with outstanding lobby signs that feature your name, logo and slogan. Don’t forget to give your customers clear guidance with directional salon sign ideas. Show them to the right place with visually striking designs at every step. 

Pink spa sign displayed in the procedure room

For the Procedure Rooms

Once you’ve decided on an aesthetic, stick to it. If your lobby has pastel colors, carry this scheme to other spaces. Wall decals are an impressive solution for beauty rooms that can complement any style. Whatever the overall theme, we’ll help you find a corresponding way to showcase your spa sign in stunning fashion. 

Black and pink spa bathroom sign with illumination

For the Bathrooms

At salons, the bathroom also needs to look extra fabulous. Breathe life into this space by adding plants. Not only do they clean the air but also give your salon a natural feel. Bathroom walls, floors and ceilings are all perfect surfaces for a creative make-over. Give them a pop of color with a creative spa sign or two. Use waterproof large format printing inks for a long lifespan of your displays.

Main Purposes of Salon and Spa Signs

Salon signs serve a few essential purposes. Decoration and branding might be obvious reasons but have you thought about establishing safety within your premise? Read on to learn what spa signs can do for you.

Atrium decorative beauty salon sign on a grass background wall


Salon signs will encourage clients to engage with your services over and over again. Acrylic signs are a great match for this. They create a contemporary atmosphere in your salon with or without illumination. Canvas prints are another popular medium for decorative purposes. Vibrant prints are a welcome addition to any interior design. 

beauty spa branding sign


Aluminum signs are a great tool to show off your brand’s green side. You can use these long lasting and recyclable metals to display everything from your logo to your company name. Another favorite for branding that can be used both indoors and outdoors are light up salon signs. Even if you’re illuminating PVC signs, at least their LED component can be considered eco-friendly.

Beauty salon advertising signs in purple displayed at the trade show


Featuring your full range of services can work wonders for attracting new clients. Free standing banners are perfect for displaying big promotions and newly-launched products. You can even reuse them as trade show displays since the medium is portable, easy to install and store. And don’t forget to rock your multi-purpose corporate event signs during any party or celebration. 

nail salon safety sign


Businesses use different measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in shared spaces. Sneeze guards are an effective contraption for this. They work well for all types of salons, especially for those providing services that require face-to-face interaction. Whenever possible, don’t forget to apply social distancing floor decals to urge people to keep the required 6 feet of distance.  

Services We Offer for Salon and Spa Signs


Sign Installation

For the mounting of spa signs, we provide superior sign installation services. We’re an end-to-end sign making company that can design, manufacture and install unique solutions at any level of intricacy. We’re ready to set up your displays in any location with the highest quality standards.


Repair and Replacement

We provide exceptional signage repair and sign replacement services for salon and spa signs. If they need to be updated or replaced entirely, our craftsmen will diagnose and create a maintenance plan tailored to your needs. Our team will ensure that you get exceptional solutions in a timely manner.


3D Design

We’ll give you a sense of the finished product with our 3D signage rendering services before the production is complete. To achieve the expected results, our graphic designers will render lifelike reproductions of your salon signs and arrange them in their corresponding digital surroundings.


Cutting and Engraving

We provide CNC cutting and laser engraving services among others for our spa signs. We use state-of-the-art techniques and machinery to deliver the best possible results. We employ different types of machines suitable for a wide range of soft and rigid materials. We’ll make sure your solutions truly reflect your brand image.

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Lobby signs are pleasant to the eyes once people enter your premise. If designed right, these solutions will express your brand’s values and transform your reception area with stunning solutions. 


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