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3D Signs – 3D Letters and Logo Sign, 3 Dimensional – 3D Volumetric Signs, 3D Signage

3d letters are the best way of becoming visible from all sides and all distances. They make the impression of depth and space. 3D logos and letters are the most effective way of being distinguished and standing out in the neighbourhood and take a step forward from the competitors.


The possible material options of 3D letters are acrylic, aluminum, wood, PVC and foam. Custom materials and combination of materials are also available. Contact us and tell us about your preferences and we will do everything to meet your needs.

Acrylic 3D letters are one of the most common signs. They have an elegant look, are available in a bunch of colors and are durable. Their unique structure makes them resistant to humidity and corrosion, temperature changes from -40ºF up to 180ºF (-40º-82ºC).

Aluminum 3D letters are another widely used sign type. Due to their durability aluminum signs are suitable for outdoor and indoor uses and convenient for every kind of business. These signs look really expensive and professional. They can be combined with acrylic or act by themselves.

Wooden 3D letters are a classic variant of 3D signs. They look elegant and give a vintage look and homey atmosphere to the place they are set. Printing on these signs is also possible. Wood can be covered with vinyl or printed on to cover its material or proudly showed off without any addition.

PVC 3D letters or Plastic 3D letters are for giving your place a more casual look and help you spend less money on your signage.

Foam 3D letters are for shorter usages. They are lightweight and ideal for indoor usages. If you’re getting ready for a trade show or an event, Foam 3D letters can be a very suitable and affordable option.


Due to their durable material and modern look 3D logo signs and letters can be used both outdoors and indoors. Shorefront sign letters, company name and logo signs, gym and beauty salon 3D signs are only a few usages of these signs. Printing and vinyl lettering are some extra possibilities for unique 3D signage. They broaden the possibilities of getting uncommon and exclusive signs and logos without any limit of creativity.

Sizes and shapes

There are available custom sizes for the 3D letters and signs. Thicknesses depend on sign design and your imagination as well. 3D letters are available in different heights, weights and thicknesses. Everything to match your design. Every graphical design is welcome without putting any limits to the imagination. Numerous fonts for the letters are available to distinguish your sign from the others. To put it briefly, you only dare to imagine anything and we will bring it to life.


3 dimensional signs have different ways of installation. They can be mounted on the indoor wall, installed on top of the buildings or aluminum background. 3D letter signs can be

  • Installed on a raceway, a horizontal metal pole that houses the electrical wiring and power supply of the sign
  • Installed on a box, separate for each letter, that itself provides support for each letter
  • Directly mounted – mounting the sign on the surface with hems

Our specialists are ready to give you the step-by-step instructions for your sign installation. Front Signs also suggests high-quality installation services. We provide services around the whole country, at every point of it.

3D Modeling

Front Signs offers 3D modeling and rendering services as well. If you’re not sure what your 3D sign is going to look like and want to have better insight, this is the perfect solution. You present your requirements – what you need, for what kind of company, what purpose it wants to serve, and our designers offer their solutions with a 3D model. This helps figure out changes or improvements needed to the product. After your confirmation the model turns into a real sign corresponding to your design needs. We apply our experience and knowledge to your project to develop a product that will work for you best. After the work is done you can be provided with your 3D model to upload it to your website for more professional look.


Light Boxes that are signs illuminated internally. It gets possible for the sign to be visible at night as well because of the Illuminated channel letters. They are 3D letters with LED or neon lights. LED lights have become more popular recently because they consume less energy, are brighter and can last up to around a decade. Illuminated channel letter types are:

  • Face lit or Front lit letters where the led illumination is directed to the front of the sign.
  • Halo lit channel letters or Reverse/backlit, where the light is directed to the surface behind the sign and gives it a halo effect.
  • Front & Back Lit Channel Letter, where front and back illumination is combined.
  • Open face channel letters, where the face of the letter is typically open, but an optional clear acrylic face is also available.


As 3d letters and signs are mostly made of acrylic or aluminum they don’t require much and delicate care. Cleaning with a wet, soft cloth once every two week is quite enough to keep its finish smooth and glossy. In case of emergency a little soap can be used as. Make sure not to use dry clothes and prevent applying ammonia and other harsh component based cleaners for your sign. They can take off the gloss and make notches on it.


On every street at least one 3D letter or sign can be seen – a proof that these signs have the highest demand. The reason is that 3D letters and signs:

  • are visible from distances
  • can last for decades
  • are eye-catching and easily maintained
  • have multiple mounting options
  • are durable – weather resistant

Note: Take into consideration that 2 inches letters can be read from 10-15 feet away. For every 20 feet of distance 1 inch is added.

Material: Aluminum, Acrylic, Wood, PVC, Foam, and etc.
Size: customized
Thickness: customized
Color: customized
Lifespan: 10+ (if kept properly)
Mounting: directly, on raceway, on a box
Alternatives: Illuminated channel letters, Light boxes
Usage: outdoor, indoor

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