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Backlit Signs, Reverse lit Signs

Any type of display is a very effective tool. It will be triple as effective to put it into a Backlit sign and illuminate.

Backlit signs are essential to any company signage. Nothing is more frustrating than looking for the business but not finding it, because there is no sign of it! These displays have great visibility during the day and whilst lit at night make the branded signage stronger.

Today’s printing and lighting technologies allow us to hide the lighting within the poster frame and provide high quality photographic images that advertise your product 24/7.
Front signs creates the best backlit signs for offices, stadiums, warehouses, entertainment businesses and others to serve its purpose for many years.


People are drawn to illuminated advertising signs. Therefore, passers-by or even the drivers won’t even notice the non-illuminated signs. Indeed, in the modern digital world backlit and front lit advertising is much more affordable and attracts new people. Made in full color, Backlit signs will illuminate your message, make your brand attractive and appealing. Particularly LED backlit display is widely used in shopping malls and movie theaters. You can install Backlit displays inside of the building to grab the attention of the customers.

To begin with, LED backlit signs are long-lasting and energy-efficient. To make your signage even more impressive, you can use backlit sign box for promotional banners for sale, grand openings and sport events or to publicize a brand. Great way to use Backlit signs is to create an unforgettable stage background for that special event. Additionally, it is highly used in Commercial signs, airport displays, storefront signs, Directional signs, and etc. Moreover, backlit displays are used outdoor and indoor for trade or retail display .
Widely used in pubs, bars, restaurants with little lighting to emphasize the logo or the name of the establishment.
To give an elegant look to your home interior decor, use can definitely give a thought.

Here are the general advantages of Backlit signs:

  • Indoor and Outdoor usage
  • Are an excellent promotional investment
  • High visibility at night
  • Made from Aluminum, Dibond, etc
  • Vibrant Colored Inks that attract attention of the passers-by


Halo lit letters

The white LEDs especially are commonly used for creating the halo effect. The lights are positioned inside of the letters hence illuminating them and projecting the light onto the wall from behind the letters. It produces enough light to make the silhouette of the letters readable.

Silhouette backlit signs

The custom sign is illuminated from the onward edges with LED lights. The Sign is mounted onto the wall with spacers. The light silhouette depends on the distance between the sign and the surface.

Backlit logo signs

You can use Backlit logo sign outdoors where it provides high visibility day and night, or indoors to stress and empower your interior design. Create a professional and classy look with backlit logo signs, that will serve you for very long time.

Mechanism and Installation

You can have your design printed on Aluminum, Dibond or other material then cut with CNC or laser cutting machines. The machinery provides the needed shapes and sizes. The backlit signs can be lit either with LED or Neon. We leave spacer between the wall and the metal construction according to the effect we want to get in a final illuminated product. The final product is ready to be installed. Our highly experienced and skilled craftsmen create your signs using the highest quality materials and technology available.


Backlit signs are long lasting and have long life span outdoor or indoor. Proper care will keep the look bright.Clean the sign with a damp cloth to remove the dust at a regular bases. This will preserve the exceptional color density and give clarity and sharpness to the sign.

Main material: Aluminum, Dibond
Type of illumination: Backlit
Color: upon your request
Alternatives: Channel Letters, Backlit Decals

With a backlit sign the base text of the sign will always remain consistent and will generally look better during the day when the sign does not need to be lit. Companies looking for a sleek modern look will generally choose to go with backlit signs over other types. For places that want to advertise at night or 24/7, having a sign with a light will make it stand out in the dark.

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