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Building signs – Commercial building sign/ Custom building sign/ Lighted building sign/ Building signage

Driving in the street or just walking you will notice that the buildings are drowning in the abundance of building signs. Every company wants to stand out and displays a sign on its office to prove its existence. It’s easy if you’re the only one in the area but if you’re a subsequent store or office in the range of suchlike businesses, the competition gets tough. A noticeable sign is required to help you stand out from others. That’s exactly why BUILDING SIGNS are so popular. They are big most of the time getting visible from high distances and even from another part of the city.

Building signs are mounted on the buildings or installed on building roofs. For this purpose 3D letters, channel letters, light boxes, flat signs and hanging signs are common. To make the building and signs visible at night and draw more attention these signs can be lit as well. Backlit or frontlit illuminated signs are a perfect option for eye-catching sign.

3D letters – 3 dimensional letters are a perfect option for exterior building signs. They are easily mounted on building walls or put on roofs. 3 dimensions allow the sign to be visible from different angles and give the impression of depth. Being made of such durable materials as aluminum and acrylic, these signs can go against any weather conditions.

Channel letters – Channel letters are large outdoor sign letters mounted on building to add more visibility and draw attention to the business building. These letters can be illuminated adding more importance to the signs and visibility. Thus the sign can become both a design and a promotional tool. The materials Illuminated channel letters are made of are aluminum and acrylic. Aluminum provides the durability and acrylic allows the light permeation.

Light boxes – Light boxes are acrylic or lexan boxes illuminated from inside with LED lights. The back face comes in aluminum or metal. These lit illuminated boxes can take any shape and depict anything on them: text, image, gradients thus allowing your information, logo, motto, quote to be highly visible. Dare to design any shape and it will be brought to life at Front Signs.

Hanging signs- Storefront signs can be displayed in the form of hanging signs as well. These signs can be made of almost any material that go well outdoors: aluminum, acrylic, PVC, Wood, etc. They are attached on the building by brackets or are directly mounted to the wall.

Flat signs – If your building stands alone and doesn’t require much visibility, custom flat signs can be another option for you. These signs don’t have depth or volume and represent from themselves boards of aluminum, acrylic, Wood or PVC. Materials are customized and you can order any material besides the mentioned ones. The information (business name, logo, contact information, etc) can be printed directly to the board or on decal and then applied to the board. The sign boards can be framed to give a complete look to the signs or can be without frame to keep the look simple.

Roof signs – Roof signs are a perfect sign type that are able to make your business name even more visible from different parts of the town. They are big letters set usually on the top of high buildings. This allows the sign to be visible from different parts of the city and not only show the name but serve as a wonderful advertising tool.



Building signs are outdoor signs thus meaning that they must be made of rigid materials such as aluminum, acrylic, PVC, Wood, etc.

Aluminum – Aluminum can be used on buildings in two forms:

Printed or decal applied on standard, brushed or reflective aluminum board, that can take any shape

Shaped into channel letters and 3D letters.

Acrylic – Acrylic being transparent thus light permeating material is widely applied in building signage making, especially in case of illuminated building signs. Acrylic can be used for making channel letters (illuminated and not), 3D letters, flat signs and of course light boxes. It comes in different colors, transparent and frosted finishes. So any design is possible to be brought to life.

PVC – PVC signs are less durable yet lightweight and affordable. It is durable plastic that has smooth finish and can shape any design. This material is perfect if you need a soft looking sign next to aluminum or acrylic signs. 3D letters and different hanging signs not counting the flat ones can very well made from PVC sheets.

Wood – Wood is a common material for the ones who appreciate the simple yet elegant look. This material can make wonderful building signs in the form of wooden printed boards.



Building signs have a variety of installation techniques:

3D and channel letters can be mounted on building walls and installed on building roofs with metal constructions.

Light boxes are mostly directly mounted on walls. But as everything at Front Signs, installation techniques are customized as well.

Hanging or suspended signs are hung with scroll brackets. OR this is the most common type. Installation with cables and chains is also possible.

Flat signs can just be set on building roofs or on walls.



Sign types: 3D letters, channel letters, light boxes, hanging signs, flat signs, roof signs

Materials: aluminum, acrylic, PVC, wood

Shape: customized

Size: customized

Colors: customized

Installation: directly mounted, metal construction

Make people familiar with your business, put a sign on your building and get remembered by your future customers.

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