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Exterior Signs, Outdoor Business Signs, Exterior Banners, Exterior Signage

If you really appreciate your business, signs are a must for its promotion. Without signs no one is going to know about your existence. They can help turn ordinary passers-by into customers without making much efforts. Below mentioned signs are suggested for company promotion outdoors.

Exterior Building signs

3D – Three dimensional signs are letters or logos with expressed length, width, height and

therefore depth. They are mostly made of acrylic, aluminum and PVC thus being highly durable for outdoor usages. 3D Signs and Dimensional Letters are the perfect option to show your existence in the street standing apart from other buildings.

Channel letters – Channel letters are custom-made big letter signs that are made of aluminum and acrylic. Led Illuminated channel letters draw more attention and strike the eye of passers-by especially at night. The common types are frontlit, backlit illuminations, also known as halo lit and reverse lit, giving different looks and effects to the sign.

Lightbox – Led light boxes are mostly logos, or boxes depicting on them the company name, contact and other information. Light Box Displays can take any shape and size, and depict any images, texts, gradients and what not. So feel free to customize your own design and the shape of the sign.

Flat – Tastes and aims differ. If you don’t need a big sign with dimensions to attract much attention, we can suggest flat signs option. These signs are flat as the word itself prompts, having no dimensions. Signs are themselves boards with some print on them making a perfect sign for cafes, in retail locations, schools, hospitals, factories, etc.

Hanging sign – Hangings signs are a nice option for store fronts, hung with elegant metal Scroll brackets, ropes, wires, depending on the type of the business. Materials can vary as well: from aluminum to wood and more. Suspended signs serve as perfect outdoor directional signs. They can be illuminated as well to be notices at night as well.

Directional – Outdoor directional signs can have a range of usages: from Entrance signs to welcome, from WC to sales in a store. So called wayfinding signs can be made of wood, aluminum, PVC, acrylic for long usages. Directional light boxes are easily noticeable signs and show how much you care for your customers.

Pylon – Pylon signs or monument signs are big eye-catchy signs that draw attention because of their sizes. They are usually put in front of big business centers and shopping centers.

Street signs

On streets and roads you may have seen a bunch of different kinds of signs. These signs prevent from danger, show roads, warn about coming hazards, etc. Standing outside for a long time they require a rigid material. That’s why the most applied material for these signs is aluminum. It can be both printed and made with reflective vinyl to become highly visible.

Safety Signs – Safety signs or caution signs are exterior emergency signs that warn about possible danger. These safety signs are put on roads, in front of buildings, etc.

Site Signs – Site signs are mostly used in construction areas preventing from possible hazards.  The Caution signs, Keep out signs and Warning signs are made to make the construction process safe and without any accidents.

Traffic signs – Traffic signs regulate the traffic (regulatory signs). They may be stop signs, no parking, speed, highway and many other kind of signs.

Ground signs – building front signs – signs for lawns

There are exterior signs that are put in front of buildings (in the streets, in yards) for different kinds of announcements: open houses, sale and sales announcements, special offers, advertisement, etc. These signs are yard signs and a-frames.

A-frames: A-frames are mostly plastic made signs that have the shape of the letter “A” from aside. This suggests double sided ad printing allowing visibility from both sides.

Yard signs: These signs can be of different shapes and sizes: from H-frame signs to ground-mounted boards. These so called lawn or bandit signs are used as real estate, safety, political and campaign signs.

Outdoor Trade show displays

Taking part in trade shows plays essential role in product and brand marketing strategy. Having presentable look and stand out from competitors is crucial. For it a range of signs are applied: Pop up Displays, banners, business flags, stand signs, etc.

Pop up Displays: Custom printed large format banners stretched over the structure serve as an inseparable part of trade shows. With eye-catching design these displays are able to make the company highly attractive at tradeshows and increase the brand awareness.

Banners – Banners are the most popular trade show participants. They have a wide variety of materials and support structures and according to them there can be: Telescopic banners, X-banners, Retractable banners.

Business flags – Business flags are of no less importance. These signs are perfect for outdoor usage. At shape there can be Feather Flags and Teardrop Flags. Both work perfect in the perspective of company promotion and brand awareness.

Stand Signs – Consider any kind of sign that can stand a stand sign and implement your stand sign ideas. These signs are able to draw any passers-by attention.

Other outdoor signs that can be met are menu boards, house exterior signs.

Menu Boards – Outdoor menu boards call every passers-by inside to have something. If you use the right combination of colors and design, these sign are ready to work wonders. Wall mounted vinyl posters and chalkboards are the most common options.

House sign – House name and address plaques are a popular kind of exterior signage. They prove the existence in the neighborhood or help people find your house more easily.

Materials for outdoor signs

Materials for outdoor signage are supposed to be durable to go against different weather conditions. But depending on the period that the sign is going to be used and also material preferences the following options can be suggested:

For both long and short term usages:

Aluminum: Aluminum is the most durable material for outdoor signs. It is weather, scratch and water resistant that makes it widely applied material. Yard signs, safety, site, traffic signs are all made of aluminum.

Acrylic: Acrylic is widely applied in 3D and channel letter making. Being transparent it is the inseparable component of illuminated signs, letters and lightboxes.

PVC: PVC is considered the most lightweight material for outdoor usages. It is more flexible than acrylic and aluminum and can make stencils, stands, signs, etc.

Short-term usage

Wood: Either as a board sign for cafes or an arrow directional sign, wood is widely used outdoors. However durable it may look, try to prevent its contact with water – don’t leave it in the rain to keep its fresh look for a long time.

Gatorboard: Gatorboard is a polystyrene board covered with poly-coated and styrene surfaces. This itself means that a very long time appliance outside is not very preferable though it may be if the weather doesn’t spoil anything.

Foamboard: This material is perfect if you need a short-term use and inexpensive sign. Foam board is pretty lightweight and still provides a smooth and wonderful finishes for any sign.

Give the necessary attention to your outdoor signage and see how it works for you.

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