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Flat Signs – Flat Panel Signs, Flat Panel Signs, Tray Signs, Flat Metal and Wood Signs

Flat signs are minimalistic but highly professional sign layout. It’s a visible outdoor and indoor signage. Appearing on the front of the business premises, it promote your brand and speak of your taste.
Flat signs or Tray signs are everywhere form service promotions to event signage. They are totally customized to stand out and advertise your brand in a unique way.

Fronts Signs is here to transform your brand or logo into a descent flat sign that catch the eye of your potential customers and make a huge impact.


The versatility and usage options of flat signs are limitless. It has the option to depict not only the logo or company brand name, but also display business phone number or tagline. Flat sign can be used in retail locations, schools, hospitals, factories, apartment complexes, home interior design, etc. As already mentioned, flat signs are versatile. It has mass usage, hence there are wide choice to serve different purposes and requirements.


Can be wall mounted, therefore, provide high visibility and brand recognition from afar.
Made of different materials, Flat signs are widely used for commercial purposes.
Aluminum Flat signs are durable to any weathering changes. Provide solid and professional look and feel.
Mounted or side mounted onto the wall, Styrene flat signs attract the traffic from all the corners of the street. With high visibility and appealing look, Styrene flat signs are used in different businesses and relevant industries. PVC and Coroplast signs are ideal for budget minded business owners. The PVC and Coroplast signs have a vinyl wrap with your design and logo. Materials like colorful Acrylic and impact resistant Lexan are also widely used to give the Commercial flat sign the needed effect. The different colored Acrylic flat signs can suit any tricky requirement, whereas flat Lexan signs can be used for higher durability and vandal resistance.


Flat cut out letters

Flat cut out letters of Acrylic depict your company name which is pushed through an Aluminum face, hence the name. These illuminated letters are a special type of a sign with many types of finishes and combinations of finishes such as: Frosted or clear acrylic with brushed, mill or glossy Aluminum sheets.  The flat cut letters can also be mounted onto the wall with spacers to add extra dimensions to the flat sign. Thus, you can maximize the visual impact.

Flat fascia sign

Your business will only benefit, if you use Fascia shop sign. These are the signs that are located just above the doorway, displaying your company name and logo. The simple yet very appealing flat sign will attract your target group and help to direct foot traffic towards your restaurant, Café, youth club, etc.

Flat pylon sign

For the companies located afar from the city center, or on highways in an industrial location, you need a highly seeable sign. Pylon flat signs can be used to attract towards your establishment and let yourself seen. Flat pylon tenant signs are highly used by shopping centers and malls to let the customers know of the brands at their venue.

Hanging flat sign

Hanging signs, exit, welcome or open and closed hanging door signs, for rent hanging business signs are just the beginning of what is meant by hanging signage. These signs provide extra promotion of your establishment. Places at an eye level or under awning hanging signs are widely used to attract target audience.

Flat logo sign

Used as outdoor and indoor promotion tool, flat logo sign emphasize your brand presence. Flat Logo signage is widespread and highly popular. Give your design ideas or trust our experienced team in creating a unique and creative flat sign for your business, office, restaurant, hotels, etc.

Blade sign

Wall mounted with your company name, logo, design solutions, Blade signs provide visible advertising for the passers-by. Blade signs are usually double- sided and excellent for high traffic areas. When designing a blade signs, consider that it needs to have a strong enough wall to support the weight of the sign.

Flat name plate signs

To create a professional office signage, you need to have a solid name plate sign to tell the guests, visitors and customers about you, your position or maybe contact information. For name plaques any type of rigid materials are used. The material is dependable on your business signage type and style.

Size and design:
: UV printing
Lighting: Searchlight, lit from corners or top of the sign
Lifespan: 5+
Alternative: 3D signs

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