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Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Reverse Lit Channel Letters are one of the greatest solutions to promote your business Brand name. They are one type of Channel Letters and distinguish themselves by providing LED light. These kinds of signs are also called Illuminated, LED or Halo Channel Letters.

Channel Letters make the sign more effective because of the hidden lighting capability that they have. They are especially designed and created to make 3D Letters more effective and to gain more attention, as the human eye is drawn to any kind of light.

The faces on the Reverse Lit Channel Letters are mostly made from stainless steel, aluminum (regular or brushed), cast metal, gemlite formed plastic or fabricated acrylic. They have very classic, professional and attractive look in every situation. The light is placed behind the letters and the illumination gives the illusion that the light comes out of the wall, making the look of your signs even more elegant.

Also you need to know that you may use more than only one color for the illumination of your Channel Letters. For example, if you want your sign to be more effective and you are preparing to use more than 1 or 2 words, you may separate the concepts by using different colors (one for the Brand name and one for the provided service).

By illuminating the surface behind the letters, Reverse Lit Channel Letters are creating an elegant and professional look. They are perfectly produced to be used as interior and exterior signage.

They are not designed to promote long sentences. They are especially produced to represent brand names, letters or numbers. For any other type of illuminated signs, you may use Backlit Sings or Lightboxes.

As they are mostly used outdoor, they are created to be waterproof and withstand adverse weather conditions.

So if you are looking to order Reverse Lit Channel Letters for exterior use, you can be sure that at Front Signs it will stand for many years.







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