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Hanging signs – Hanging signage, Hanging business signs, Hanging acrylic signs, Metal hanging signs

Hanging signs are one of the most popular signs. They are hung from the ceiling or from the brackets mounted to the wall, so they are always within eye.

Well, why use hanging signs? Because when walking people are not going to turn their heads to look at the store names. Hanging signs are themselves turned to the customer.

According to their material hanging signs can be:

  • Aluminum Hanging Signs
  • Acrylic Hanging Signs
  • Wood Engraved Hanging Signs
  • Gatorboard Hanging Signs
  • Foam Hanging Signs
  • PVC Hanging Signs

Hard materials
hanging signs are durable and elegant. Aluminum itself being rigid and smooth material makes perfect hanging signs. Thus they can have both exterior and interior usages.
Acrylic is more delicate in style yet it is quite durable and one of the most used sign materials. Acrylic hanging signs are mostly used indoors. The reason, probably, is that they are getting dusty soon and require frequent cleaning (once a week a least). But if you want to have an outdoor acrylic sign, it’s quite alright.
Wooden hanging signs are very classic looking. They can be both printed and engraved.

Soft materials
Gatorboard hanging signs – gatorboard is a polystyrene board covered with wood fiber veneers. It makes both outdoor and indoor signs. Its material is mostly suitable for indoor usages
Foam Hanging Signs – Foam, being a comparably soft material, yet makes a good material for hanging signs. It is ideal for short, especially one-day usages. If you’re having a trade show or a special event, foam can be what you need.  For longer and bad-weather usages aluminum and acrylic can be better options.
PVC Hanging Signs – PVC is lightweight, yet durable material. This is an affordable alternative for harder materials.

If it’s hard for you to make a choice, just Contact us and our specialists will suggest you the best solutions and options.

Sizes and shapes 

Hanging signs can be of different sizes depending on your requirements and design solutions. Sizes can vary from material to material as well. But on the whole our sign sizes are customized and you don’t have to worry about sizes.
Shapes are customized as well. You can order any shapes for your signs – from standard square and rectangle to the most unusual cuts.


As the name implies these signs hang from different places and can have a variety of hanging options: chains, hooks, ropes, scroll brackets, wires, etc.

Chains – Chains with a variety of sizes, weights, and shapes are applied for sign hanging. Depending on the sign weight and size they can be of different thickness, length, etc.

Scroll Brackets – These are the most popular among the hanging hardware. They look elegant, gorgeous, can bear any weight of the sign and are super durable. As a matter of fact they are mostly made of aluminum.

Hooks – Hooks are an interesting part of design of hanging signs. They give a casual look and unique pattern to the sign. This hardware is for the ones who are looking for an “out of the box” sign. These hanging means are mostly made of metal to be able to carry the weight of the sign.

Wire – Wires are meant for more delicate sign design. They are mostly attached to the sign by panel support standoffs and carry acrylic boards.

Rope – Ropes are mainly attached to the wood panel. Together they give a vintage look to the environment.


Hanging signs usages are uncountable: They can be used outdoors and indoors.

  1. Hanging exit, emergency signs: Probably the most popular option for exit, emergency signs.
  2. Storefront hanging signs: an interesting alternative to channel letters, if you’re a lover of original solutions
  3. Hanging signs for hotels: Receptions, rooms and other departments can be easily directed by hanging signs.
  4. Cafe, pub, bar hanging signs:  When searching for best signs for pubs, hanging signs seem to be the most popular. They fit the smoky, drinky and casual environment the pubs have. Cafes use hanging signs for their name advertising. Depending on their types from wood to metal hanging signs can be used.
  5. Hanging restroom signs: This demanded signs are a must for every kind of building: it be an office, hotel, restaurant. Hanging signs are greatly used for this purpose.
  6. Trade show hanging signs: Hanging signs for trade shows differ greatly in their format. They are bigger in sizes and require more creativity. These signs are a great way to stand out in tradeshows, as they depict company name, logo, and can’t help but be noticed by everyone.
  7. Bed and breakfast hanging signs: With tourism developing, bed and breakfast services become more widespread, and how to tell people you’re there but hanging a sign in front of your accommodation.
  8. Arrow hanging signs: These attractive signs are themselves an interesting accessories for any interior. They are mostly used as directional signs that can be used for restrooms, events, parking, etc.
  9. Hanging garage signs: Either one need a good gift for father’s garage or a brand advertisement, these signs are the best option. This is a new trend going back to the early 90s, when everything was so much like a movie.


Directional signsThese signs are a wonderful way to show places and direct people to your company, sales promotions and other purposes.

Storefront signs – These signs are the best brand awareness tool. 3D letters and channel letters are mostly used for this and hanging signs are a creative alternative.


As mentioned above hanging signs can made of acrylic, aluminum, wood and etc. Each of them will require special care according to their characteristics.

Aluminum and acrylic being rigid materials will not require much care. Cleaning with a wet, soft cloth once every two week is quite enough to keep their finish smooth and glossy.

Gatorboard, coroplast and PVC are less durable but still rigid. They will require more care as being in the Sun for a long time or in humidity may be harmful for them.

Cleaning wood signs with damp, non-abrasive cloth is quite enough. Thus they keep their fresh look for a long time.


  • always within sight
  • can direct to you
  • can be double sided


Material: Aluminum, Acrylic, PVC, Wood, Gatorboard, Coroplast, Foam
Sizes: Customized
Thickness: Customized
Color: Customized
Lifespan: up to 10+ (depending on the material)
Installation: Chains, Scroll brackets, Hooks, Ropes, Wires
Alternatives: Directional signs, Storefront signs
Usage: outdoor, indoor

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