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Site signs

Construction is quite a hard and dangerous process full of many unpleasant surprises. To prevent the unnecessary and unpleasant accidents, site signs are used. There is a bunch of signs that are used in construction areas to provide the peaceful working process.

Caution signs contain a text message and\or a pictogram to deliver a warning message. Texts usually express the words NOTICE, DANGER, WARNING and come with the images of the possible danger.

Custom construction site signs are created printing the necessary message on the board or sticking the decal on the board. To be visible 24/7 REFLECTIVE DECALS are widely used to prevent accidents at night as well.

The most common construction site signs expressions are:

Construction Site – Keep Out
Under construction
Work in progress

Not less common but more specific caution signs are the following:

Danger site signs warn about the possible dangers. They are aluminum boards with DANGER writing on it. They usually come in red ovals on black background. The writing itself comes in white, standing out on the board. It can be the only writing on the board or come with some additional information like:

  • Falling objects
  • Men working below
  • Watch your step
  • Open hole
  • Do not enter
  • No trespassing
  • Do not enter
  • Under construction

Warning signs warn about the coming danger that is not readily apparent. The writing “warning” is accompanied with other information in the form of a text or pictogram.

Keep out signs can just tell to keep out as the area will itself prompt about the danger or contain some other information like “no trespassing”, “restricted area”, “keep away’, etc.

Notice site sign include all the signs that contain a “notice” word and draw attention to a certain restriction

  • No smoking
  • No entry
  • No trespassing

Equipment warning signs – Dangerous equipment can bring much harm if not followed properly. When operating this kind of machine, site signs are a must. The most popular ones are:

  • This equipment starts automatically
  • Do not use/start this equipment
  • Moving equipment starts without warning
  • Heavy equipment
  • This equipment must be earthed

Hazard signs keep away from the hazards existing in the area. These are general caution signs that can be used for any kind of dangerous situation.

PPE (personal protection equipment) signs are another important signage type that must be used in dangerous construction areas. In those cases wearing protective clothes is required. Signs for different body part protection are available such as:

Eye Protection Signs

CAUTION/DANGER/NOTICE eye protection required
Wear eye protection
Eye protection must be worn

Face Shield Signs

Wear Face Shields In This Area
Wear Goggles or Face Shield

Foot Protection Signs

Safety shoes must be worn

Hand Protection Signs

Gloves required in this area
Hand protection required

Hard Hat Signs

Hard hat area
Hard hats must be worn in this area

Hearing Protection Signs – Hearing protection is required

Protective Clothing Signs, Respirator Signs, Safety Glasses Required Signs, Safety Goggles Signs are other types of safety signs.

Detour signs – Road Construction Signs are used when construction on the road is taking place and changing the road is required for the drivers.

Colors and shapes

Caution signs have some fixed shapes and colors that are familiar to people and arise alertness and caution.

The main color combinations for caution signs are:
Red and white – showing Prohibition/Danger alarm
Yellow and black – showing warning
Blue and white – mandatory

The pictograms depicted on the site signs are:

Skull and crossbones
Radhaz sign icon
Exclamation mark point

Site signs can take any shape but these are not the kind of signs that require creative design that’s why some accepted shapes as triangle, square, rectangular are commonly used. Mainly used as stop and road signs, but octagon and circle shaped signs can be used as in construction areas as well.

Triangles usually depict exclamation mark point triangle and indicate mandatory.

Rectangles are used for all kinds of caution signs.

Square is a quite versatile and general shape that can deliver any message on it.

Diamond yellow signs are mostly used to indicate the place of animal crossing but are widely used in site areas as well.


Construction signs are mostly used outdoors and themselves being in a dangerous area should be made of a durable material to go against the hazards and dangerous environment. The most common material, thus, is aluminum because of its durability. If the sign is necessary for a short usage or the area is not very hazardous, other materials can be used as well such as PVC, Gatorboard, etc. Custom materials are available to meet your requirements.

Installation techniques

If the construction sign has the shape of an A-frame, it is directly installed on the ground without any supporting constructions.

Thin aluminum board signs can be mounted directly to the wall or fastened to the base with Zip ties. Caution hanging signs can be hung from metal lattices or any other suitable and noticeable place.

Save people and you from dangerous situations using Construction site signs.

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